NEW YORK TIMES (January 17, 2018) — Positive Review
"Hawkes keeps you tethered.... peeling down one of cinema’s lonely highways in a muscle car so lovingly shot it deserves a co-star credit."

VARIETY (March 21, 2017) — Positive Review
“Written and directed by sibling filmmakers Ian and Eshom Nelms with equal measures of respect and skepticism for pulp conventions, the movie comes across as neither pastiche nor parody, but rather as a seriously down-and-dirty crime story with a savage sense of humor.”

FILM INQUIRY (January 30, 2017) — “The Nelms Brothers” Have Arrived | Positive Review  
"The project started with their [Nelms Bros.] script, which is pitch perfect and wildly original, incorporating a nostalgic feel of neo-noir films of the past with hints of Tarantino and the Coen Brothers." "Their staging of each scene, framing of every shot, and lighting is perhaps what is most impressive about their direction." "SMALL TOWN CRIME delivers the goods with a layered story, enthralling mystery, classic and evocative but innovative action."

MAKING A CINEPHILE (January 30, 2018) — Positive Review
”it as much a comedy as it is a suspenseful drama, and the story is expertly crafted by the Nelms Brothers.”

AIN'T IT COOL NEWS (March 13, 2017) — Positive Review
"HOLY SHIT… sometimes, like with SMALL TOWN CRIME,  you get home runs." "...kinda film I could watch three times in a row #SXSW... I have to see their three previous films... I HAVE to see them because SMALL TOWN CRIME is just spectacular."

BOOM HOWDY (March 13, 2017) — Positive Review
Shane Black walked into a movie, nodded to the Coen Brothers who were busy wrestling with Quentin Tarantino. This is what Small Town Crime feels like.” ”A fever dream of successful filmmaking.” “What makes the film unique, however, is the way in which the narrative unfolds. It is equal parts gritty drama, witty dialogue, and dark comedy. The tone shifts with minimal effort and the pacing somehow stays intact while the film weaves its way through several subplots and dances through dialogue that plays with elements of pure comedy, pure tragedy, and everything in between.”

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER (March 3, 2017) — "Small Town Crime" Positive Review
"SMALL TOWN CRIME is the special, feature-length premiere of a series worth watching every Friday night."

CINAPSE (March 12, 2017) — Positive Review
SMALL TOWN CRIME Is Hard-Boiled Detective Goodness” ”Small Town Crime is first and foremost an engaging who-done-it mystery that successfully swings between moments of character based humor (such as Clifton Collins Jr’s “Mood”, a pimp who’s a lot smarter than his swagger suggests) and character based violence (such as the hitmen who menace Kendall with an Anton Chigur-esque threat).” “Hard-hitting and charming.”

DEADLINE (January 19, 2018) — Box Office Preview Interview w/ the Nelms Bros.
Specialty B.O. Preview” Interview w/ Nelms Bros.  

KXAN / NBC Affiliate (March 13, 2017) — Interview w/ The Nelms Bros. Live in Studio
Filmmakers Eshom Nelms and Ian Nelms visited the studio to discuss SMALL TOWN CRIME at SXSW.

FANDANGO (January 18, 2018) -- SMALL TOWN CRIME Exclusive Clip Debut
Fandango debuted an exclusive clip starring John Hawkes, Robert Forster, Stefanie Scott, and Clifton Collins, Jr.

TWITTER (March 14, 2017) — SXSW #TwitterHouse Interview w/ Octavia Spencer + Nelms Bros. Part 2
TWITTER (March 14, 2017) — SXSW #TwitterHouse Interview w/ John Hawkes Caity Lotz, Clifton Collins Part 2
Twitter interviewed STC cast and filmmakers at the #TwitterHouse at SXSW  for @TwitterMovies to over 7.1 Million followers.


INDIEWIRE (October 5, 2015) — Woodstock Film Festival Maverick Award Winners Announced
Woodstock Film Festival honors WAFFLE STREET with Inaugural Carpe Diem Award for Best Film.

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER (September 28, 2015) — Hollywood Film Festival Announces Winners
Hollywood Film Festival honors WAFFLE STREET with Best Narrative Film Award.

VARIETY (September 10, 2015) — "Hollywood Film Festival Shines Light on Social Causes"
Feature on Hollywood Film Festival's official lineup showcases WAFFLE STREET.

HERALD EXTRA (August 20, 2014) — “Hollywood Comes to Orem at Orchard Park Rehab”
Feature on the production of “Waffle Street” in Orem, Utah.


REELHEART.COM (July 2, 2013) — LOST ON PURPOSE wins Best Film at Annual Festival
LOST ON PURPOSE was awarded with "Best Film" at the 2013 ReelHeART Film Festival.

BRAVE FARMS — "Locally filmed movie with Hollywood star power to premiere in Tulare'
Feature on LOST ON PURPOSE highlights the local film premiere and mentions festival wins including, “Best Directors Award” at Firstglance Film Festival and “Best Film” awards at the Beverly Hills Film Festival, the Reelheart Film Festival and at the TrindieFest Film Festival.