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The Nelms Bros. are attached to direct CAPTURE for "John Wick” company, Thunder Road. They are also writing CARRIE AND ME, a film based on Carol Burnett’s novel, for Focus Features and will soon direct FATMAN starring Mel Gibson based on their original script.

Film School Rejects

The Nelms Bros. Dish on Making a Movie w/ Octavia Spencer

Film Journal International

Feature on Nelms Bros. + STC.

SXSW World Premiere
Red Carpet Interviews

Interviews with filmmakers + cast at STC's World Premiere.

SXSW Comcast Interview

Comcast interviewed Caity Lotz + James Lafferty about STC.

ELLE: 3 Best Movies

STC was featured as "3 Best Movies Worth Seeing in Theaters"

Harper’s Bazaar: 12 New Movies to See in Theaters

STC featured on Harper Bazaar’s coveted “must see” list.

NY Times: STC Review

"Hawkes keeps you tethered.... peeling down one of cinema’s lonely highways in a muscle car so lovingly shot it deserves a co-star credit."

Screen Actors Guild

A Special Q&A w/ the cast of SMALL TOWN CRIME.

The Wrap: STC Interview

The Wrap interviews the Nelms Bros., John Hawkes, Octavia Spencer, Michael Vartan.

Twitter Movies (Part 1)

The Nelms Bros. and Octavia Spencer visit the Twitter Studio.

International Screen Daily

Netflix acquires streaming rights.

NY Times: A Film Diary

Octavia Spencer and John Hawkes do NYT Facebook Live.

No Film School: STC

STC filmmakers, composer, and DP for an in depth podcast interview.

NY Times: STC Listed on
”5 Titles to Watch For"”

STC featured on coveted NYT List

Maltin on Movies Podcast

Legendary Film Critic Leonard Maltin interview.

Newsweek: Best of 2018

STC was featured on Newsweek's "The Best 2018 Movies Coming to a Theater Near You" List

Twitter Movies (Part 1)

John Hawkes, Caity Lotz,
+ Clifton Collins visit Twitter.

Entertainment Weekly

SMALL TOWN CRIME's Official Trailer was debuted on

Esquire: 2018
Must Stream Movies List

STC was featured as one of their “Must Stream Movies” of January 2018.

Newsweek: Must Watch

STC was featured as “2018's First Great Dark Comedy”

Screen Actors Guild

SAG Foundation "The Business"
Nelms Bros. Career Retrospective
Moderated by James Lafferty

LA Times: STC Review

"Brothers Eshom Nelms and Ian Nelms have a good ear for the playful neo-noir tone and an equally strong eye for casting..."

Entertainment Tonight

Stefanie Scott and Octavia Spencer talk about working on STC.

FilmStruck: Nelms Bros.

FilmStruck's Alicia Malone interviewed the Nelms Bros.

CBS Affiliate / KEYE-TV

Nelms Bros. + James Lafferty
discuss STC at SXSW

Fandango: 5 Films to See

STC was featured on Fandango’s coveted “must see” list.

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